Writing a children’s book has been a dream of ours for quite some time, and it has been a joy to see Rusty Raccoon come to life. Beginning as a bedtime story for our children, this book is first and foremost dedicated to them. Because of their adventurous spirits and love for the outdoors + animals, this book exists. We have spent countless hours cuddled up reading as a family, and it is time together that we will always cherish.


We also dedicate this book to Grandpa Gary and Uncle Dave. We miss them every day, and we know that their memory will live on in these pages. We want our children to know their storytelling and sense of humor, and the characters you’ll meet do just that.


May Rusty Raccoon and The Sugar Bowl take you on an adventure together full of life’s timeless joys alongside the company of loyal friends and loving family. We hope this book means as much to you as it does to us.


All of our love,
Ethan & Sherry Luhman + our little tribe 


ISBN: 9781645381815

Rusty Raccoon and The Sugar Bowl - Paperback

SKU: 9781645381815