Rock on Kindness! Pass it On!

by Stepheni Curran



Rock on Kindness! Pass It On! is about a 7-year-old girl named Ally whose favorite hobby is painting and hiding rocks to bring happiness to others. In the story, Ally creates opportunities for the reader to make predictions and learn new vocabulary as she introduces the reader to her fi ve best friends who will be receiving her painted rocks. The fi ve best friends include Ty, Katie, Noah, Latifa, and Max. Ally explains how she met every friend and notes their uniqueness as these friends differ in terms of race, physical appearance, preferred language, religion, etc. Despite these differences, Ally fi nds similarities between herself and every friend introduced. The theme of moving past differences to fi nd common interests and create friendships is reiterated throughout the story.


Rock on Kindness! Pass it On! - PAPERBACK

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