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  • Riverside
SKU: 9781943331819




a novel by Serine A. Haugsness



New Adult - Supernatural - Fiction

372 pages

ISBN: 9781943331819



Meg Edwards has never really fit in with her peers. She graduated from high school at sixteen, is an accomplished musician who had her pick of schools, and was an only child of a single father after her mother passed away when she was an infant. Going off to college is stressful for any teenager, but for Meg, it’s more than that. A new health concern, coupled with the mysterious drowning of college students in the local river, sets her into a tailspin she’s not sure she can get out of.


The dates and certain events in this book are based on real, horrific incidents that happened in a La Crosse, WI.  A real town, to real people. Out of respect for the victims and their families, their names have been changed. To learn more about the real events that inspired this novel, visit All the La Crosse victims, plus additional victims from around the country, are represented on it. If you’re interested in such things, you could use the dates in this book to trace back to the real stories that inspired it.

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