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  • Risking it All
SKU: 9781943331086

Risking it All


Risking it All

a novel by Sara K. James



Suspense - Thriller - Romance

356 pages

ISBN: 9781943331086



When Emma Cassidy finally finds the strength to leave her abusive husband Eric, she receives some unexpected support from Max Dunmore, one of the police detectives who'd been witness to the results of her most recent assault. As her wounds begin to heal Max remains attentive, encouraging Emma's belief that maybe they could have a future together. But life's not always fair--a lesson she learns the hard way when her estranged husband's criminal past suddenly explodes and she is viciously pulled into its wake. This time, Emma's escape isn't driven by the fear of Eric's abuse, but by the acceptance that his unlawful activities could get her killed.



Sara K. James has a passion for writing that dates back to her school years when poetry was her genre of choice. It wasn't until years later that she found her true niche in romantic suspense. Born and raised in Wisconsin, her spirited imagination combined with her ability to deliver strong-minded characters, create unforgettable storylines that produce page-turning excitement with every chapter. Sara is also the author of Fueled By Obsession.

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