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  • Resistance
SKU: 9781645384748



Resistance: Book II in the Stratagem Series

Written by Christina Hagmann



Paperback: $14.99

Paperback ISBN: 9781645384748



258 Pages

Young Adult Fiction

Genres: Fantasy | Magical Realism | Espionage




The Resistance is coming.


She thought she was out, but they are dragging her back in. A week has passed since the incident at the White House, a week since Meda was forced to kill her mother. She was sure she'd found her way out of this life - no more secrets, no more lies. But just as Meda and Brody grow comfortable in their little cabin in the woods, Meda learns that her freedom was only an illusion when an unknown shapeshifter kidnaps her and drags her back to the Agency, Isi, and her biological father, Chayton.


This time, Meda is involved in a plan to destroy a database that holds the names of all known mimics so that others like her can be free. Meda dives headfirst into the mission, but success won't be easy. The stakes are high, and the cost may be higher. As secrets are revealed, trust will be shattered, and Meda's new power will emerge.


Will Meda manage to break free from the Agency once and for all? Find out in the thrilling sequel to Stratagem.




Christina Hagmann is an award-winning author of young adult fantasy, horror, and suspense novels. She writes fictional page-turners that entertain and leave readers wanting more. Christina continues to lead a not-so-secret double life as an author and an English teacher. She lives in Wisconsin with her husband and their basement full of arcade games.

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