Petals in the Snow

Jill M. Bagurdes


"Reagan . . . are you there?"


"Yes. I'm still here. Matthew, I can't come. I'm sorry." There was an awkward silence that seemed to last for hours.


Finally Matthew said, "Okay, Reagan." And then as if he had one last card to play before the hand was over, he said, "He wanted to remind you about the rose petals." I did not respond. Then for the second time that night, I hung up on Matthew Carlson. He did not call back.


Reagan is coping with the death of her mother when a relationship from her past resurfaces. An unexpected phone call presents an opportunity for her to gain closure on both. She must decide if being "her mother's daughter" means taking this journey to finally heal her heart or if she's strong enough to move forward on her own.

Petals in the Snow

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