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  • Pedagogy: Reflections on a Life Spent Learning
SKU: 9781645381426

Pedagogy: Reflections on a Life Spent Learning


Pedagogy: Reflections on a Life Spent Learning

a novel by Joan Parsons Kuraitis



Memoir - Education 

92 pages

ISBN: 9781645381426



Throughout life, we all confront challenges and obstacles that allow us to step up and meet them head on. Pedagogy is our way of both teaching and learning. This book, written as a guide for younger readers, outlines the path taken by the author on her journey to become an enthusiastic lifelong learner. Credit belongs to her family of origin, teachers in both elementary and high school, as well as the critical and key people along the path, including four highly inquisitive and creative grandchildren.



Born and raised in Pennsylvania, Joan Kuraitis migrated to Ohio for college, then settled in Texas, Illinois, Iowa, and now Wisconsin. Educated at Kent State University, having earned a doctoral degree in Higher Educational Administration, the author enjoyed numerous positions in the classroom, and as an educational leader, throughout her thirty-three year career. Currently, Dr. Kuraitis resides in Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin, with her husband of forty-six years.

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