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PACTUM: Memoir of a Traitor

a novel by A.J. Roberts



Fiction - Thriller - Espionage

330 pages

HC ISBN: 9781645380498

PB ISBN: 9781645380504



A young equity trader in London is offered the promotion of a lifetime, but nothing is as it seems. Where he used to trade financials, he now deals in secrets. He’s not just at the top of the bank...his colleagues bankroll the Secret Intelligence Service and live in the long shadow between Westminster and the world. When job expectations are no longer black and white, he questions how far he’ll go for profit and, once caught in the depths of scandal, if there’s any going back.



Before finishing his Bachelors in International Politics and Intelligence, Roberts worked in the National Assembly for Wales and Houses of Parliament, initially as a researcher, committee analyst and then speech writer. He slowly moved from politics to finance, emigrating from London to Chicago where he joined one of the largest brokerages in the US. He eventually left the big city behind to focus on family and now lives in Wisconsin with his son. When not writing he works as a freelance consultant on foreign policy and munitions, advising political candidates, overseas businesses and trade partners.



“Gripping, clever, fast paced, and superbly researched. Roberts is a major talent.” -Matthew Dunn, Former intelligence officer Author of the Spycatcher novels and Ben Sign crime series

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