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  • Our Stories Matter
SKU: 9781645380771

Our Stories Matter


Our Stories Matter

a novel by Reverend William Grimbol



Self-Help - Language Arts

296 pages

ISBN: 9781645380771



Our Stories Matter invites readers to reenter the miraculous world of a good story. We live in a culture saturated with gadgetry boasting of easier, swifter, and far-reaching communication. The truth is, evidence indicates we’re more disconnected from each other than ever. Sharing our stories in the presence of others nurtures the soul and leads to a deeper connection to those around us. It is in the sharing of good stories that we will be challenged to climb to higher ground – to be the very best we can be.



A gifted storyteller and preacher, Bill has been a keynote speaker for over 100 school districts seeking to cope with the tragedy of adolescent suicide and depression. He also presently offers pulpit and stated supply ministry to Presbyterian congregations in the Presbytery of Milwaukee. Our Stories Matter is Bill’s tenth published work.

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