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  • One Bubble Two Bubbles Three Bubbles Four
SKU: 9781645384823

One Bubble Two Bubbles Three Bubbles Four


One Bubble Two Bubbles Three Bubbles Four

Written by Katie Poukey

Illustrated by Natia Gogiashvili



Paperback | $12.99

Children's Book

Ages 0-6

Counting | Bath Time | Young Readers

HC ISBN: 9781645384830

PB ISBN: 9781645384823




“One Bubble Two Bubbles Three Bubbles Four” is a story that captures two children on a fun journey of blowing bubbles all day. Count bubbles with them, but be careful! Make sure not to spill the bubbles, or the fun could be over...


This is an engaging story that captures the imagination of children everywhere. So come along on our bubbly adventure. You never know where you could end up!




Katie Poukey is a proud mother to her son, Daxton, who was the inspiration for “1 Bubble 2 Bubbles 3 Bubbles 4” and many other stories she hopes to publish in the future. She lives in Wisconsin with her husband, son, two Australian shepherds (Mac and Nellie), and a beta fish named Charlie. Katie currently runs an in-home daycare and dabbles in real estate.

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