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  • Oh Golly, Miss Trolley!
SKU: 9781645384694

Oh Golly, Miss Trolley!


Oh Golly, Miss Trolley!

Written by Hailie Johnson

Illustrated by Paweł Gierlinski


Children's Book

Ages 0-8

Fun & Play | Local Wisconsin | Humor | Children’s Fiction

PB ISBN: 9781645384861

HC ISBN: 9781645384854




Oh Golly, Miss Trolley! tells the humorous tale of fun-loving Miss Trolley as she embarks on her first field trip adventure with Mrs. Breezy's class. While on her way to pick up the children from school, she loses her map with the list of stops. Fortunately, using a mnemonic device with a silly word, she is able to remember the first letter of each stop. Is that enough information to get her to the right destinations? Read on to find out!




During her time as a kindergarten teacher, Hailie Johnson enjoyed read-aloud time with her students. This experience ignited her desire to write picture books that encourage a love of reading while making children laugh. From these cherished memories with her kindergarteners and her business endeavor to start Hudson Trolley Company with her family, came the inspiration for this book. She is now a Reading Specialist and lives in St. Paul with her husband and newborn baby. You can visit her at

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