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  • Novice Mystery - Ireland
SKU: 9781948365406

Novice Mystery - Ireland


Novice Mystery - Ireland

a novel by Donna Rewolinski



Fiction - Cozy Mystery - Detective

246 pages

ISBN: 9781948365406



Dan Novice, an American detective, and his social worker wife, Karen, now both retired, embark on the promise they made to spend more time together. They have rented a cottage in the quaint Irish village of Ballyram for three months. Their plans include visiting tourist sites, eating out, and interacting with the villagers. It doesn’t take long for the plan to be challenged when a prominent villager, Lord O’Connor is murdered and Dan and Karen stumble upon the scene. Local Sergeant Peter Quinn heads the investigation and engages Dan’s experience as a detective in solving the crime. As the case proceeds, villagers seek to deflect suspicion from themselves, implicate their neighbors, address personal secrets brought to light, and avoid being victims themselves. Conflict occurs between Dan and Karen when Dan is drawn back into a job he still loves, while Karen is left to fill her days alone. Karen, a smart and dedicated professional in her own right, becomes involved in her own investigation of the secrets of Ballyram and its residents. As she plumbs their depths, her inquiries lead to unexpected and nearly fatal consequences.



Donna Rewolinski was born and raised in Wisconsin. She is a practicing social worker and lives with her husband, a 33-year law enforcement veteran.

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