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  • Novice Mystery - France
SKU: 9781645384878

Novice Mystery - France


Novice Mystery - France

a novel by Donna Rewolinski




Fiction | Cozy Mystery | Detective




Retired police detective, Dan Novice, and his wife, Karen, a retired social worker, arrive in France for a three month vacation. The trip commences with a visit to Honore and Michelle, their old friends, to celebrate Michelle's father's 85th birthday. A wealthy and eccentric businessman, Oliver Bres has planned a Murder Mystery Weekend at his country winery. He announces a large cash prize will go to the winner. Fierce rains move in destroying communications, challenging the weekend's plans, and closing the only road to the mountain top estate.


Honore, a police chief, is forced into action when one of the guests dies. Were they murdered? Dan assists in processing and securing the scene until the authorities can arrive. More guests are murdered and red herrings occur. Each person seems to have a secret to hide. Dan and Karen realize they might be in danger without any escape. Are their old friends involved? Their host? Working together, can they survive and identify the killer . . . or killers?




DONNA REWOLINSKI is the author of the Novice Mystery series. She has a master’s degree in social work and is a practicing social worker. She is married to a recently retired police detective, who has over thirty-seven years of law enforcement experience. Donna belongs to the Red Oak Writer’s Critique Roundtable, Blackbird Writers, Sisters of Crime, and the Wisconsin Writer’s Association.

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