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  • Notes I Wrote Along the Way
SKU: 9781645381693

Notes I Wrote Along the Way


Notes I Wrote Along the Way

by Matthew Gutierrez



Poetry - Love - Sensuality

114 pages

ISBN: 9781645381693



Notes I Wrote Along the Way is a collection of original poems inspired by the emotions that we gather up and confront on this journey called life. The themes of memory, environment, love, sexual desire, dreams, madness, and death paint a picture inside your mind, transporting you to a place of imagination and, at times, fantasy. The poems are a bridge between yourself and the stories being told, bringing forth emotions and feelings of vulnerability, helping you revisit experiences, bringing to life past and present memories and moments from your personal life.



Matthew James Gutierrez has a bachelor's in science and a master's in educational psychology from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. As an undergraduate, he studied creative writing, focusing on fiction writing and poetry. Other experiences include screenplay and television writing courses at UCLA. You can follow Matthew on Instagram: @matthewjames_g and @notes2poetry.

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