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SKU: 9781645384908

My Thousand Treasures


My Thousand Treasures

by Licia Chenoweth


Middle Grade Fiction | Adventure | Girl Power | Family

ISBN PB: 9781645384908
ISBN HC: 9781645384892




Eleven-year-old Raini Fraser wants her grandfather back.


Now that he’s in a nursing home suffering from Alzheimer's, Raini is forced to live with her irritable, Scottish great-aunt who’s intent on connecting her with her estranged father. Raini refuses, and her new life of strict rules and terrible food makes escaping out of her bedroom window a necessity.


During one such escape, Raini spies on two boys digging at a park when a security truck disrupts their progress and causes them to flee. Seizing the opportunity, she pockets their forgotten gold coin.


No longer able to rely on her grandfather’s wisdom, Raini begins to unravel the coin’s unknown past with the help of a professor at her grandfather’s nursing home. However, the coin’s value puts her in grave danger from those who will stop at nothing to get it back.


In a race against time, Raini decides her only option is to return the coin to its rightful owner. In the process, she uncovers deep-held family secrets about the coin, that have been hidden for generations. Could the coin be cursed?


More importantly, will Raini’s estranged father, who knows something is wrong, finally earn her trust in time before it’s too late?




Licia Chenoweth is a published author of several poems and her debut novel, My Thousand Treasures, the first of four books in her new series. My Thousand Treasures has received many awards including Golden Books, Readers Favorite 5-Star, Royal Dragonfly, and the Incipere Award for first place in YA Action. Licia has been writing for nearly twenty years and joyfully introduces her new series. She is a wife and mother surrounded by family in Dallas, Texas.



Awards & Praise for My Thousand Treasures

Readers Favorite

Royal Dragonfly

Incepere Award

Golden Books.

5-star ratings from Golden Wizard Books and Online Book Club!


"My Thousand Treasures is a riveting novel that is so compelling it's impossible to put down. One could easily read the book in a single sitting, as its fast-paced plot will keep readers turning pages until they reach its conclusion."

–Louise Jane, CEO

The Golden Wizard Book Prize



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