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  • My Peaceful Place
SKU: 9781645382867

My Peaceful Place


My Peaceful Place

by Natalie Nordlund

Illustrated by Paige Rule


Childrens Picture - Emotional Wellness

PB ISBN: 9781645382867

HC ISBN: 9781645382850




Where is YOUR peaceful place? By reading My Peaceful Place, any child who has ever felt sad, angry, disappointed, lonely, frustrated, or any other uncomfortable emotion can learn the mindfulness strategy of identifying and imagining their own unique peaceful place. With memorizable rhymes and vivid examples, young readers are able to learn a new calming strategy that can be done on their own without any materials or resources required--only requiring the power of their own mind and imagination.



Natalie Nordlund is a school psychologist based in Milwaukee, WI. Natalie is passionate about helping children find peace within themselves and making peace with others, and enjoys using play, music, art, and storytelling when teaching social-emotional skills to children. Natalie’s peaceful place is in a plane above the clouds traveling to a place she’s never been.

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