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  • My Father's Shadow
SKU: 9781645381174

My Father's Shadow


My Father's Shadow

a memoir by Myles Hopper



Memoir - Autobiography - Life Stages

320 pages

ISBN: 9781645381174



"I had donned a suit of clothing that on most days felt constrictive, a skin to be molted and replaced by a new one... It would happen gradually, not at once as it might elsewhere in the animal kingdom."


A little boy with hair the color red--his scarlet letter--and family secrets to be disclosed only decades later. A man late in life confronted with looming mortality. These are the bookends of My Father's Shadow, a narrative nonfiction collection of timely stories with universal themes that are heartwarming, painful, distressing, humorous. This memoir examines how one person has managed to thrive in a world replete with wild imperfections and an eclectic array of people and relationships, some nurturing, others much less so. My Father's Shadow delves deep into the pain and joy of life itself.



Myles Hopper is a cultural anthropologist who has lived in Israel and the Canadian Province of Newfoundland and Labrador, among his other travels. His writing has appeared in the anthology Family Stories from the Attic, the Jewish Literary Journal, Creative Wisconsin Anthology, and the anthology Friendship. He has read his work in numerous venues, including as a guest essayist on Milwaukee NPR, and as a cast member of the Listen to Your Mother show. Before becoming a full-time writer, he enjoyed a never-boring career in academia, nonprofits, state government, and private business. He and his wife live in Shorewood, Wisconsin, where, on many days they can be seen together walking the bluff above Lake Michigan.

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