A Novel by J.P. Jordan

To be released and mailed to you in September, 2020!

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Having reluctantly accepted a job from family friend and CEO Emil Swenson, former pararescueman Nick Hayden quickly transitions from rescuing soldiers in Afghanistan to desk jockeying at Weston, a Wisconsin-based insurance company. He’s tasked with closing a failing division responsible for insuring religious institutions, but recent investigations surrounding the murder of a formerly insured priest, a known pedophile, leave Nick feeling suspicious. Without any leads except a cryptic letter found at the crime scene, the case quickly goes cold, but another murder of a previously insured religious leader leads Nick to a chilling realization: a serial killer is on the hunt. When more obscure messages lead him to believe the next target has been chosen, the race to stop the ruthless killer begins.



Early Praise for MEN OF GOD:

“Men of God is an incredibly fast read! An intriguing mystery told from an expert’s point of view. From a law enforcement perspective, the book was well-researched and true-to-life. Can’t wait for Jordan’s next novel.”
- Detective Bill Larson (retired)

“Jim Jordan’s debut novel is a fascinating tale tying together the current abuses of the church with the insurance world.  e characters and story kept me engaged with many unexpected twists right to the end. Men of God takes a rightful place alongside other best-selling mystery fiction novels.”
- Walter Kilgust, Esq.

Men of God - Paperback