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  • Matthew Rides into "Space"
  • Matthew Rides into "Space"
SKU: 9781948365925

Matthew Rides into "Space"


Matthew Rides into "Space": A Firsthand Look into Childhood Absence Epilepsy

Written by Erika Rutley

Illustrated by Basil Millevolte


18 pages

Children's Picture Book

ISBN: 9781948365925




Matthew is a fun, energetic boy who, out of nowhere, began having “space outs” which confused his family and friends. After he was diagnosed with Childhood Absence Epilepsy at age six, he was able to share his story with his friends. 


This story was written by Matthew’s mom, Erika, to be read to his classmates to help them understand why Matthew was having “space outs” and what to do when they see them. She also wants this to be a resource for families who have a child with CAE, knowing there is hope that their child can continue to do what they do best: just be a kid!

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