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  • Madness to Ministry
SKU: 9781943331628

Madness to Ministry


Madness to Ministry: A Woman's Journey from Psych Unit to Pulpit

a novel by Nancy Bauer-King



Memoir - Nonfiction - Relgion - Mental Health

298 pages

ISBN: 9781943331628



After an intense religious seminar, Nancy Bauer-King became convinced she needed to kill herself to prove her love for God. She was hospitalized and diagnosed psychotic. Her psychiatrist did not permit her to talk about God, Her church avoided discussing mental illness, and She started writing as therapy to find meaning in the void she experienced between tenets of religion and psychology. Madness to Ministry is her story of a breakdown followed by a breakthrough that helped restore her emotional balance and rediscover her sense of humor. Bauer-King offers her story as One of hope, especially for readers who experience mental distress related to Christian doctrine.

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