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  • Luka and Little Feather
SKU: 9781645384991

Luka and Little Feather




Luka and Little Feather

Written by Ashlee Alicea

Illustrated by Nix Doxtater


Paperback: $12.99

Hardcover: $17.99

ISBN PB: 9781645384991
ISBN HC: 9781645385004



Childen's Picture Book | Indigenous | Family | Magic & Fantasy




Indigenous sisters Luka and Little Feather have a dream to see the ocean. But how can they? It’s cold where they live, in their small town, where only simple things seem to happen. Even in the quietness of their serene home, the girls long for adventure and often tell stories of what they would do if they ever did get to see the ocean.


While out exploring by the river, Luka finds something that will change their lives forever—a yotnʌyátku, or “magic stone.” Luka and Little Feather take it home, where they make their wish to see their beloved ocean. At first this stone seems like just a plain old rock, but when they awake, they realize they have been transported to an underwater world of magic and amazement.


Together with their friend Whaliam, the girls explore the blue sea. The vibrant colors, new friends, food, and experiences are more than the girls could have ever asked for. However, Luka and Little Feather soon realize that even with their dream coming true, nothing is as extraordinary as the comforts of home.




As a First Nations educator, Ashlee Alicea is dedicated to helping children ask the “I wonder” questions. Her playful and imaginative style of writing helps tap into a child’s curiosity. Creating stories that all children can enjoy while also highlighting the language, culture, and identity of Native people is one of Ashlee’s life passions.


Ashlee was born in Great Falls, Montana, and currently resides in Green Bay, Wisconsin, where she is a member of the Oneida Nation. Her daughter Luka Little Feather and son Quade Kahteles inspire and encourage Ashlee to have fun and take chances in her writing. Hiking, cooking, photography, and visiting small-town coffee shops are just some of the things she enjoys.

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