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  • Loki Out & About
SKU: 9781943331840

Loki Out & About


Loki Out & About

by Molly Bandt and Tina Murua

Illustrated by Molly Bandt


Animals | Belonging | Children's

ISBN 9781943331840



Loki the cat loves adventure and playing with friends. When his family moves into a new home on the other side of Madison, he needs a little help finding his way across town back to his pals.


About the Authors

Molly Bandt, the co-author and illustrator of Loki Out & About, lives in Madison, Wisconsin, with her husband and children. Like Loki, she enjoys long walks, good food, and hanging out with friends.

Co-author Tina Murua lives in Grand Rapids, Michigan, with her husband, two kids, two dogs, and a bunch of fish (but no cats). She used to live in Madison, Wisconsin, and goes back there to visit friends as often as she can.

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