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  • Lily and Isla the Flamingo: Saving Ocean
  • Lily and Isla the Flamingo: Saving Ocean

Lily and Isla the Flamingo: Saving Ocean


*** THIS IS A PRE-ORDER! Release date: June 8, 2024 (World Oceans Day!!). The books will ship to you on or a couple days before the release date. Thank you for your order!***


Lily and Isla the Flamingo: Saving Ocean

Written by Levenia Bishop

Illustrated by Jayden Ellsworth


ISBN PB: 9781645387534
ISBN HC: 9781645387404


Children's Picture Book

Environmental - Multi-cultural - Educational

42 pages





What started off as a fun day at the beach turns into a new adventure for Lily and her imaginary
friend, Isla. While visiting the beach with the family, they meet a few interesting friends and learn
amazing facts about the benefits of the Ocean. Suddenly, the day takes an exciting turn. Take a
look inside and find out what happens next!




Originally from the popular tourist destination, Turks and Caicos Islands, Levenia Bishop is a trained Counselling Psychologist who is an avid lover of poetry and story writing. She is a proud mother of four, including a daughter named Lily who is the inspiration for her book series, Lily and Isla the Flamingo. When she is not writing, Levenia is known throughout the community of the Turks and Caicos as a Youth Advocate, Motivational Speaker, Life Coach, and Family Enthusiast. She merged her passion for writing and her years of experience as a Counsellor to create inspirational content for children and young adults. Her mission through her writing is to encourage youth and children to dream beyond their reach, learn life lessons through enjoyable stories, and to motivate them to become the best version of themselves. Her life's mantra is "aspire to inspire before you expire."

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