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  • Lily and Isla the Flamingo
  • Lily and Isla the Flamingo
SKU: 9781645383024

Lily and Isla the Flamingo


Lily and Isla the Flamingo

Written by Levenia Bishop

Illustrated by Jayden Ellsworth


40 pages

Children's Picture Book

For Ages 0-7

ISBN: 9781645383024




Join Lily and Isla on a fun-filled visit to Grandma’s house. When they arrive, the streets are filled with children playing games that they have never seen. They are amazed to see no tablets in hand watching Netflix or YouTube, but everyone is having fun. Lily and Isla decide to give a few games a try. Which one do you think they will like most? Let’s have a look inside and find out!


Want to become a friend of Lily and Isla’s? Follow them on Instagram @lilyandisla_theflamingo, post a photo of you with your copy of the book to Instagram or Facebook, and use #flamingofriends. We look forward to meeting you!

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Levenia Bishop is a Counselling Psychologist who is an avid lover of poetry and story writing. She is a proud mother of four, which gave the inspiration for her book Lily and Isla the Flamingo. The main character is inspired by her only daughter, Lily. When she is not writing, Levenia is known throughout the community of the Turks and Caicos as a Youth Ambassador, Motivational Speaker, Life Coach, and Family Enthusiast. She merged her passion for writing and her years of experience as a Guidance Counsellor to create inspirational content for children and young adults. Her mission through her writing is to encourage youth to develop self-confidence and self-love, as well as to motivate them to become the best version of themselves, unapologetically. Her life’s mantra is “aspire to inspire before you expire.”

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