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  • Libra: Book Seven in the ZODIAC DOZEN SERIES
SKU: 9781645384380

Libra: Book Seven in the ZODIAC DOZEN SERIES


Libra: Book Seven in the ZODIAC DOZEN SERIES

Written by Oliver Bestul


Middle Grade Fiction – Adventure – Astrological Mythology

ISBN: 9781645384380





Just when Bria was starting to feel comfortable with her new friends and powers again, she had to take a huge step back... a 250-year step back, to be exact! When the evil conqueror Night casts the Dozen into the distant past, the team will be forced to make a few adjustments. Instead of a mayor, the Dozen will have the historical Potawatomi chief Siggenauk to govern and guide them. Instead of houses and apartments, they’ll have to make themselves at home in wigwams and longhouses. Instead of fast or frozen food, they’ll be dining on whatever they can ­find in the nearby streams and forest!


Gone are the Milwaukeeans of the present, replaced by the very clan that helped to get the city started! Thankfully, Bria’s mind-reading abilities allow for limited yet essential communication between the clan and the Dozen. Will she crack under the pressure of this new responsibility, or will friendship prove to need no translation?


From a cutthroat game of lacrosse to dealing with a less-than-honest band of fur traders, Bria and her friends will learn just what it meant to be an original citizen of the homeland they and the clan have in common!




Oliver Bestul lives in the Bay View neighborhood of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and has been writing there since he was in his teens.


With a picture book, a few plays, some poetry, and a feature-length film under his belt, he decided to try his hand at entertaining a new kind of audience: middle-schoolers! Inspired by the chapter books and comics of his youth, he sat down and started The Zodiac Dozen, a 12-book superhero series for kids!


In writing the series, he likes to say he gives his young readers a lot of credit, challenging them to explore new vocabulary, genres, and life outlooks. Like the twelve main characters of his books, he’s excited to grow from the adventure alongside his audience!


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