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  • Leo: Book Five in the ZODIAC DOZEN SERIES
SKU: 9781645384038

Leo: Book Five in the ZODIAC DOZEN SERIES


Leo: Book Five in the ZODIAC DOZEN SERIES

Written by Oliver Bestul


Middle Grade Fiction – Adventure – Astrological Mythology

ISBN 9781645384038





Lately, Leona has led a stressful life. Her friends don’t seem to trust her, her family’s out roaming the streets with the rest of Zone Q’s zombies, and, because of her recent contact with the Orb of the Zodiac, her fangs are coming in. Feeling less like a member of the Zodiac Dozen and more like a lion, it seems her struggles against the forces of evil will begin within.


Thankfully, she’ll soon come to learn that even life’s darkest times can be illuminated by the flames of friendship. Banding together with a few unlikely companions – including a king, an archer, and a girl with detachable hands – Leona devises a plan to finally end the invasion that’s been plaguing Milwaukee. Their biggest obstacle? The rest of the Zodiac Dozen, who remain unconvinced that her idea will work. Without their support, Leona’s forced to take matters into her own claws in a decision that could either reunite the Dozen or disband the group for good.


And, as can happen with the best of plans, Leona’s comes with its own massive snag. Sure, she may have figured out how to convert a few zombies back to humans, but what she hadn’t counted on was an all-new type of attack. The man on the back of the Moon has been busy, and he’s ready to test the power of his new pet!





Oliver Bestul lives in the Bay View neighborhood of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and has been writing there since he was in his teens.


With a picture book, a few plays, some poetry, and a feature-length film under his belt, he decided to try his hand at entertaining a new kind of audience: middle-schoolers! Inspired by the chapter books and comics of his youth, he sat down and started The Zodiac Dozen, a 12-book superhero series for kids!


In writing the series, he likes to say he gives his young readers a lot of credit, challenging them to explore new vocabulary, genres, and life outlooks. Like the twelve main characters of his books, he’s excited to grow from the adventure alongside his audience!


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