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  • Kristine, Finding Home
SKU: 9781645380962

Kristine, Finding Home


Kristine, Finding Home: Norway to America

a novel by Aleta Chossek



Historical Fiction - Emigration & Immigration

288 pages

ISBN: 9781645380962



Kristine, Finding Home: Norway to America is the story of Kristine Kristiansen Hjelmeland, a young woman born and raised in Førde, Norway, and her journey from sheltered maiden aunt, to mother, to leader within her new American community. Her captivating narrative explores the powerful themes of belonging, ambition, and hope within the context of a family love story. Based on letters and reports, photographs, and oral history, this story is written for Kristine’s descendants and in honor of all those who have the courage to change their lives.



Aleta Chossek is a storyteller at heart. Participating in writing workshops with Redbird Studios and Red Oak Roundtables, she writes personal essays and family stories. A wife, mother, grandmother, and sister, Aleta has connected in new ways with friends and family members through her writing. Travel, friends, growing grandchildren, local advocacy, her faith community, and a global partnership with Meru, Tanzania fill her days. She writes, lives, and loves in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. You can read more about her at



“From Norway to Illinois, Kristine’s story captivates. It is a pleasure to read.” – Judy Bridges, author of Shut Up & Write!


“Kristine, Finding Home is a story about resilience and dignity in the face of monumental life challenges. An entertaining and inspiring read.” – Richard Staff, RN, MSW, Norwegian American Musician


“This story that started more than 100 years ago in Norway might not be that different from the stories we see on the news every night.” – Olaug Marie Reiakvam, MD, Oslo, Norway

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