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  • Khloe's Beautiful Blues
  • Khloe's Beautiful Blues
SKU: 9781645388913

Khloe's Beautiful Blues



Written by LaKetta Caldwell

Illustrated by Dionna Hayden


Children's | Community | Belonging | Diversity | Emotional Wellness | Family

PB ISBN: 9781645388913

HC ISBN: 9781645384755




Khloe's Beautiful Blues reminds us that everybody and every hue is beautiful. The book is a poetic story dedicated to the beautiful skin of girls and women kissed by the sun.




La'Ketta Denise Caldwell is an award-winning entrepreneur, social innovator, author, and executive leader with over fifteen years of robust experience in corporate partnerships, community development, youth, family, women's empowerment, and holistic arts. As part of Milwaukee Business Journal's 2015 "40 Under 40" class, Caldwell has taken her background in education and communication and built a creative empire dedicated to collaborative problem-solving for marginalized groups impacted by social inequalities and generational inequities.As a former student of Southern Illinois University at Carbondale and New York University, Caldwell's authenticity and abilities to execute storytelling position her as a sought-after motivational speaker, development strategist, and corporate facilitator. In 2015, the highly celebrated TEDx speaker launched Keytalife, a human-centered company that envisions a world where women walk confidently in their purpose.

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