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  • It's New Years!

It's New Years!


Note: Busy season is here and books are taking much longer to print and ship. Thank you for your patience!


It's New Years!

by Kylie Wyman

Illustrated by Monique Machut


HC ISBN: 9781645384762

PB ISBN: 9781645384779



There’s one last celebration to close out the year. 

There’s one last holiday, and it’s almost here!


Celebrate that one last holiday with a special book: It’s New Year’s! Written in a rhythmic, rhyming cadence, this holiday story will take you along for an adventure through that magical time just before the year’s end. The enchanting illustrations will get you and your family ready to toast to the New Year, while also sharing what New Year’s is really all about.




Kylie Wyman is a children’s book author, an elementary school teacher, and a mother of two. Always an avid reader herself with a love for children’s books, Kylie has sought out all varieties of books to fill her shelves at home and in the classroom. Holidays are the perfect time for her to find and share new stories. 

Her passion for books, love of the holidays, and background in education all came together to inspire this new author to dream up her debut book, It’s New Year’s!




“A beautiful story that sparks joy through its bright illustrations and festive celebrations you can feel jumping off the page. A wonderful reminder for all ages to embark on new seasons with hope,
 intention, and positivity!”
–Perris Deppa, author of Winter, You Wonder


“It was so much fun reading It’s New Year’s! to my two boys and nieces! The story got us all so excited for the holiday season, and it started a conversation about our hopes—big and small—for the year ahead. The vibrant illustrations made us feel like we were a part of the festivities. I loved how the kids followed along with the rhyming and could anticipate some of the words ahead.”
–Anne-Marie Gwynn-Sackson, mother of two



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