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  • In the Comfort of Shadows
SKU: 9781937165765

In the Comfort of Shadows


In the Comfort of Shadows

by Laurel Bragstad



Fiction - Historical

347 pages

ISBN: 978-1-937165-76-5



Ann Olson is desperate to fill in the empty pages of her childhood story. Now that her adoptive dad has died without answering her questions, Ann's last hope is Emmett Pederson, an estranged and elderly hermit cousin, who never married and still lives on his run-down farm in north central Wisconsin. Ann is shocked when she finds Emmett frail and impoverished, but she senses a concnection to him---until she finds his WW2 diaries that describe her birth parents' forbidden romance and the reasons for her adoption. As she struggles to accept a truth she couldn't have imagined, Ann falls in love with a man who's trying to forgive his own past.

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