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SKU: 9781645384571

I See You


I See You

Written by Alicia Pal-Singh

Illustrations by Monique Machut


Children's Book

Ages 0-10

Family - Growing Up

PB ISBN: 9781645384571

HC ISBN: 9781645384656




I See You is written by a mother who uses her imagination to tell her child all the wonderful things she sees in his future.

The book aims to encourage children to believe that anything is possible. All children should have this book to ignite excitement for learning and self confidence.




Alicia Pal-Singh is an early childhood teacher raised in Milwaukee, WI. She spends most of her time with her son Montana and husband Rahul. They enjoy board games, baking, and watching movies together. I See You is Alicia's first children's book.

Alicia was inspired to write this book for all children to see that anything is possible when you believe.



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