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SKU: 9781645383659

I Know I Am


I Know I Am

By Mandy Reilly

Illustrated by Amy Kleinhans


ISBN 978164538365

Children’s Picture Book – Self-love – Pride in who you are - Eating Disorder Awareness




I Know I Am is the book Mandy wished she had when she was younger.
Based on her own experiences growing up, author Mandy Reilly takes readers on a young girl’s journey where bullying leads her toward self-hatred and negative self-talk. Thankfully, she learns healthy coping mechanisms, self-acceptance, and is finally able to celebrate resilience!
This book aims to bring awareness that eating disorders can affect children at a young age, but are often missed by parents, teachers and other professionals. Backed with resources and an interactive affirmation page, I Know I Am should be on every bookshelf in libraries and schools.



Mandy Reilly runs on faith, Diet Coke and to-do lists—not necessarily in that order. She wears many hats but her two favorites are wife to Blake and mom to Cristian. Armed with her late Sicilian mother’s sarcasm and Mexican father’s family values, she loves long naps and carbohydrates. After almost three decades of being at war with her body, Mandy has realized she can be a masterpiece and a work in progress all at the same time and wants to make sure children know the same.


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