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  • Horses in Heaven
SKU: 9781943331413

Horses in Heaven


Horses in Heaven

a novel by Douglas Knick



Western - Romance

316 pages

ISBN: 9781943331413



Horses in Heaven is a story about faith on multiple levels: faith in self, faith in another, faith in the unseen, faith in the afterlife, and yes, even faith in horses. In 1975, while traveling to Seattle, Gunter and Esme happen to meet and spend four days together. Over the course of the next forty years, they return to Seattle every year to rekindle their love and commitment to each other. Four days may not seem like much, but with each passing year, the reader is provided a window into the complex lives of Gunter and Esme.



Douglas Knick has served as a parish pastor for ten years and holds a Master's of Divinity degree and a Doctor of Education degree.  As an Associate Professor he taught at Luther College in Decorah, IA.  Together with his wife, Tammie, they founded The Delta Equine Center, offering multiple equine therapy programs for people of all ages.  Douglas and Tammie reside in Spicer, MN with their ten horses and five dogs.  Douglas may be contacted at

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