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  • Harriet Follows Her Heart

Harriet Follows Her Heart


Harriet Follows Her Heart

By Wendy Hornik

Illustrated by Miranda Allard


PB ISBN: 9781645384793

HC ISBN: 9781645384786



Meet Harriet, who longs to be the very first hippo dancer. Harriet loves to dance, but this is not what hippos typically grow up to do. When Harriet shares her dream with her friends and family, she is laughed at and discouraged because of her short legs and round body. But one person doesn’t think her dream is silly. Harriet’s grandmother encourages her to always follow her HEART. Will Harriet listen to her and continue to chase her dream? Will Harriet prove the other hippos wrong? Will Harriet be the very first hippo dancer?



As a middle school English and literature teacher and a mom of two amazing teenagers, I love sharing books that inspire children to be better people, follow their dreams, and be true to themselves. Harriet Follows Her Heart is written in memory of my grandmother, Harriet Benedyk. She inspired me to be a better person and taught me not to let others’ judgments stop me from following my dreams.

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