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  • Hank's First Fishing Trip
SKU: 9781948365239

Hank's First Fishing Trip


Hank's First Fishing Trip

by Mark Boyd

Illustrated by Paul Hart


Children's | Family

ISBN 9781948365239



It's Hank's 6th birthday, and his grandfather has planned a very special day to celebrate it. Join them on the banks of a small river and feel the excitement Hank feels as he catches his very first fish.


About the Author

Mark Boyd has been an outdoors person his entire life. Fishing, hunting, camping, canoeing, hiking - he's done it all. What he's learned from the outdoors has shaped his life. Mark grew up in Ozarks of southwest Missouri where hunting and fishing is a way of life. From there he migrated north to Minnesota - The Land of Ten Thousand Lakes, and then to the wide-open plains of North Dakota where he continued to hone his skills in the outdoors, eventually ending up in Wisconsin and carving out a wonderful career in the outdoor industry as a writer, video producer, and operations director for The Next Bite Media Group.

To know Mark is to know that he is a dedicated family man. His passion for sharing his love of the outdoors with young people is boundless, from speaking in local grade schools to coaching a high school fishing team. For years, Mark has kicked around the idea of writing a children's book as a way to share some of his knowledge and enthusiasm for the outdoor sports he so loves. Now, with his grandson Camden approaching the age to start his journey into the outdoors, there is no better timing for Mark to follow that dream. He is a man uniquely qualified to write Hank's First Fishing Trip and to encourage youngsters to learn to love the outdoor sports. Hank's First Fishing Trip is a little piece of Mark's heart and is sure to be just the first of many to come!

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