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  • Goodnight Milwaukee
SKU: 9781645381334

Goodnight Milwaukee

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Goodnight Milwaukee

Written and illustrated by Angie and Ben Buelow


Children's | Wisconsin

38 pages

ISBN: 9781645381334

For ages: 0-7




Madison residents Angie and Ben Buelow have a fanatic's love toward their state. Angie was once told she should work for the Wisconsin Board of Tourism when she lived in Washington and wore a cheesehead to work every day.  (Seriously people would take pictures with her as a "real" Wisconsin cheesehead)  Ben has a tattoo of Wisconsin with a big "G" in it for you know who! (The rest of the teams will be represented when he gets up enough courage to go back in!)


They wrote Goodnight Madison after being inspired by their vast collection of goodnight books from places they have traveled, which was their go-to vacation gift for their boys.


With the success of Goodnight Madison, the Buelows launched their blog and two more books. Goodnight Madison, Goodnight Milwaukee, and Goodnight Door County all contain local spin on a classic bedtime story, showcasing why these Wisconsin destinations are the best places to say goodnight to.


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