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  • From Heaven. Through Hell. To Heaven.
SKU: 9781645381181

From Heaven. Through Hell. To Heaven.


From Heaven. Through Hell. To Heaven. The Story Behind Bo's Heavenly Clubhouse

a novel by Amanda Hartwig



Nonfiction - Memoir - Grief - Christianity

114 pages

ISBN: 9781645381181



Amanda Hartwig wears many hats. She is a wife, mom, author, support group leader, and nonprofit charity president and founder, but it wasn’t always this way. She only found her purpose after the tragic death of her ten-month-old son, Bo William Hartwig. Bo died suddenly from the adenovirus, which is better known as the common cold. The book From Heaven. Through Hell. To Heaven. reveals all that she and her family encountered and endured. See how she took her family from tragedy to triumph, only through the unending love of Jesus Christ.

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