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  • Following the Lines
SKU: 9781943331451

Following the Lines


Following the Lines: World War II as Experienced by a Belgium Girl

by Irène Litz-Barré


Memoir | WWII | Autobiography

Paperback ISBN: 9781943331451



Irène’s teenage years in Belgium are spent in the chaos of World War II. In May 1940, after the German invasion, her father is sent to the front, while she and her mother evacuate under German Stuka bomber attacks. On their exodus, they find refuge in southern France. Three months later returning across the German demarcation line, they find her father also back home. He had escaped from the Germans twice. Soon, he is dangerously mixing secret underground activity with his Gendarmerie job supervised by the Germans.



Irène Litz-Barré is a dedicated writer, educator, mother and grandmother.  Born in 1928 in the French speaking part of Belgium, she was lovingly raised by a police commander father and an artistic mother before experiencing the shock of World War Two during her adolescent years. After the war, she married a French engineer and travelled throughout Europe and the United States.  After her husband's tragic death in 1963, she became an official hostess for Bureau France in Zurich, Switzerland and travelled throughout Europe representing French culture. She married an American teacher of French Literature in 1966 and settled in central Switzerland. She became a mother and later a French teacher at a prestigious Swiss international boarding school. After her husband's passing in 2003, she moved to Brussels, Belgium before joining her son in the United States in 2006. She now lives in Milwaukee, WI and spends her time writing and being a doting grandmother to her grandson.

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