Flying Fiona and Jacob at the Dentist is a fun, new rhyming book about a child’s first dentist visit. It will delight your toddler and school-aged child from ages 0-7 while encouraging a love of reading during story time and playtime.


This is the perfect book to create positive associations and attitude about going to the dentist. Just before getting started, Jacob meets a new friend, Flying Fiona, who is a tiny fairy that’s hiding on each page. Jacob will get his teeth x-rayed, cleaned, and learn about the tools a dental hygienist uses, all while making choices and feeling in control. Flying Fiona helps Jacob learn about brushing and flossing the right way. He also gets his teeth checked for cavities by the dentist and finally gets a fluoride treatment to keep his teeth strong. The character’s lively expressions and relaxed body language shows how they are feeling during each step of the dental appointment.  


This is the first kid's dentist book in the series Flying Fionaand it helps children along with their parents and caregivers navigate this new dental experience. The illustrations show updated technology in a dental office along with things from the past like a prize box for a job well done.


What this book will do:

  • Prepare your child for a successful teeth cleaning. 
  • Show accurate illustrations, so when your child is in the dental office, they will see those same things and have a sense of familiarity, which is calming. 
  • Help kids feel happy, confident, and excited to learn and experience this major milestone.  
  • Teach children best practices on how to care for their teeth for a lifetime. 
  • Use appropriate titles for each person Jacob meets so kids will know that they meet two people while in the dental chair. 


What this book will not do:

  • Use any negative or coercive words. No one learns or has fun with those methods of teaching. 
  • Show a cavity getting fixed, which is not routinely done at a teeth cleaning visit for a child. 
  • Use words like shot, drill, decay, extraction, or tooth pulling because this book simply discusses a child’s first teeth cleaning appointment. 
  • Illustrate any scared, angry, worried, or sad characters in it.  
  • Display outdated practices, as that is not accurately preparing your child for what they will see at their dental visit. 

Flying Fiona and Jacob at the Dentist

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