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Father Wore a Pink Vest

by Kathrine Snodgrass Flanagan

with Carolyn Flanagan Seierstad


Illustrating Artist: Connie Freund Whiteside

Watercolor Artist: Marilyn Kilpin Fuerstenberg



78 pages

ISBN: 9781645382355

For ages: 0-8



In her children's book Father Wore A Pink Vest, Kathrine Flanagan tells the story of "Bug," a baby Rose-breasted Grosbeak, from the day he is hatched until the evening he and his family fly south on his first migration. As she describes Bug's sometimes frightening and perilous daily life, she weaves together facts about various birds, the tearful and joyful experiences of learning to survive in the Wide World, and life lessons for all children. A believer that lessons best learned are taught with joy and a healthy dose of fun, humor, and laughter, Kathrine has written a delightful tale with the same kind of love she shared with the many students she taught over the years.


Note from Carolyn: This is my mother’s book. She wrote this story with the hope that all who read it would come to know and love birds as she did.


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Father Wore a Pink Vest [paperback]

SKU: 9781645382355