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  • Entwined in Time: Poetry, Because I Don't Paint
SKU: 9781645384298

Entwined in Time: Poetry, Because I Don't Paint


Entwined in Time: Poetry, Because I Don’t Paint

by Linda Petroff



Retail price: $12.99

ISBN: 9781645384298



Entwined in Time is intended to be entertainment for the mind, enjoyment in the moment, and embellishment for the imagination. Each poem is a deliberate attempt to make the words flow and cavort together in your mind in a spontaneous, linguistic dance.


They stem from observations and realizations about the human condition that engages us all. Whether everyday situations or uncommon events, I have submitted each to tell a story or convey an idea in a few measured lines and verses, leaving plenty of room for the reader's interpretation. You may draw on your own knowledge or imagine a situation from my experience.


Since we are entwined here in this lifetime together, we can take a chance to share our lives, enjoy each other's stories, and revel in our creativity.




Born the fourth of five children, Linda harnessed her creative spirit at a young age. This was reflected in childhood play and in her schoolwork, as was noted by her teacher in a grade school report card which said that Linda “is unusually observant.” Her inquisitive nature and creativity are innately captured in poetic expression. 


In addition to the exhilaration experienced through writing, she also finds fulfillment in laughing with family and friends, dancing with her daughters, and being an avid gardener and antique enthusiast. She delights in the everyday unusual, weird and wonderful, and acknowledges the threads that knit us together in the fabric of time. 


At twelve years old, in a profound coming-of-age moment, her mother entrusted her to place the all-essential supply order for their grocery store with the Chambers and Owen Company. Though she recognized that moment as personally poignant, she never could have known that years later, she would be restoring and living in the house that Mr. S.C. Chambers had built.   


We can only imagine just how our lives will be entwined with those we encounter and those we have never even met.

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