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  • Easy Ecology for the Busy Bee
SKU: 9781645380870

Easy Ecology for the Busy Bee


Easy Ecology for the Busy Bee

by Bob Wardinski



Nonfiction - Ecology - Nature - Educational

222 pages

ISBN: 9781645380870



Bob Wardinski draws on his academic, professional, teaching, and life experiences to bring us this book on ecology and his love for the environment. Written on a personal level for all ages to enjoy, he uses a unique pattern of hand drawn notes and charts that accompany a text to explain the most basic connections that make life possible on our planet.


“We all have our one life to make an impact on the environment so we leave it a better place for the next generation. I hope my book helps with the understanding of how it all works and what part we have in guarding and protecting this precious place we call home – Earth!” Bob Wardinski


So, be sure to check out Bob’s book, because Ecology is easy to learn, appreciate, and preserve for the busiest of bees. 

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