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  • Conquering the I Am Nots: One Thought at a Time!

Conquering the I Am Nots: One Thought at a Time!


*** THIS IS A PRE-ORDER! Release date: August 13, 2024. The books will ship to you on or a couple days before the release date. Thank you for your order!***


Conquering the I Am Nots: One Thought at a Time!


Written by Stepheni Curran

Illustrated by Samantha Paine


ISBN PB: 9781645387299
ISBN HC: 9781645387282


Children's Picture Book

Empowerment - Self-love - Confidence



Growing up is inevitable. In this story, Lily learns that the transition from fourth to fifth grade is harder than she anticipated. She frequently compares herself to others and fills her mind with recurring negative thoughts that distract her, even in the classroom. Until one day, Lily meets a fourth grader who unexpectedly changes her perspective and helps Lily realize her strengths.


In this day and age, with social media pressure, it is difficult to not compare oneself to others and lose confidence. This story is a good reminder to older elementary-aged readers that every person has their own strengths and personal challenges. Daily negative thinking—like the troublesome “I am nots” and the comparison game—will only lead to missed opportunities in learning and growing. So stop what you are doing and read this book to learn how to Conquer the I Am Nots: One Thought at a Time!




Stepheni Curran is a children’s book author, a pediatric speech-language pathologist, and a mother. She grew up in Antigo, Wisconsin; attended UW-Stevens Point; and currently resides in Gresham, Wisconsin. As a child, Stepheni initially struggled with reading and writing. With the guidance of her mom and her elementary teachers, Stepheni learned strategies to improve her skills. This inspired Stepheni to pursue a career in the educational field and to someday write her own children’s books to positively impact the younger generation.


Stepheni is the author of the interactive Rock On, Kindness! book series, which was published by Orange Hat Publishing, with the first book’s debut in February 2018. She has presented across the state of Wisconsin for community events, book festivals, school author visits, and more. Wherever Stepheni presents, she connects with her audience of all ages to promote life lessons about kindness, friendship, compassion for others, and empathy. When Stepheni isn’t working, writing, or presenting, she enjoys spending time with her family. Together, they play a variety of sports, camp, swim, kayak, and entertain their two pups whenever the Wisconsin weather permits!


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