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  • Christmas in the 'Burg
SKU: 9781645384588

Christmas in the 'Burg


Christmas in the ‘Burg

Written by Reed Graf

Illustrated by Jayden Ellsworth




Children's Book

Ages 0-8

Christmas | Family | Local Wisconsin | Religion Lutheran

HC ISBN: 9781645384564

PB ISBN: 9781645384588




This is another tale of Grandpa and his Meeces as they visit the charming town of Cedarburg on a Friday Festive Eve. Along the way, they discover a gift that makes their unique family complete! Families come in all footprints, and the love of a family makes the holiday season. And as for your Christmas… Oh, you’ll have a ball!




Reed Graf (1959–2020), author of “There’s a Mouse in My House,” wrote these stories for his grandchildren in his series of children’s books about Klaus, a mouse who befriends the man in whose house he’s living in. As his family grew, he added more tales of Grandpa and his Meeces in “A Tale of 4 Tails” and “The Itty Bitty, Fitty Committee” to include the Georgia Rose and Fitty characters and the fun adventures of this unique family “of mice and men” living in harmony as a family.


After a fun 25-year career of teaching and some serious health issues, Reed was given the opportunity to retire somewhat earlier than planned. All the while he had been doing freelance writing work for newspapers, magazines, and trade journals. So, by writing books for kiddos, Reed was able to continue doing the two things he loved. Many of the books were written during his hospital stays. He wrote eight children’s books and one novel during this period of his life.


The fourth book, “Christmas in the ‘Burg,” is dedicated to Reed Graf in loving memory. Although he did not live to see its publication or meet the inspiration behind it, these words he has left behind remind us of his immortal love for his family—what matters most around the holidays. The thought of so many children sharing his wholesome stories for years to come is “a happy thought,” as Reed would say.


The Graf Family spent many a merry Christmas in the ‘Burg (Cedarburg, Wisconsin). Our grandchildren, Georgia Rose, Fitty (Fitz), Hattie Lou and their parents, Claudia and Alex, and Grandma Nin are pleased to share this magical holiday season in Cedarburg with you, his readers.

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