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  • Character and Caring: Medical Education Emerges From the Pandemic
SKU: 9781645385639

Character and Caring: Medical Education Emerges From the Pandemic


Character & Caring: Medical Education Emerges From the Pandemic

edited by Adina Kalet, Bruce H. Campbell, Wendy Peltier, Kathlyn Fletcher, Julia Schmitt, Erin Weileder, and Rachel Keane



An important and highly readable follow-up to Character and Caring: A Pandemic Year in Medical Education (Includes a Discussion Guide)




Nonfiction - Medical - Social Justice - Personal Narratives

458 pages

ISBN 9781645385639




Medical students, residents, physicians, and caregivers have struggled during the pandemic. The times in which we live will transform medicine. These essays, drawn from the Kern Institute’s Transformational Times newsletter, offer glimpses into what we have experienced and what might yet come.


In these pages, readers engage with unsettling realities unmasked by COVID-19, including workplace biases, inattention to wellness, residency-related stress, the loneliness of military responsibility, the inequity of the world around us, reproductive healthcare uncertainty, new educational realities, and the imperitive for flourishing and practical wisdom in physicians.


Each essay reveals remarkable insights and reflects the interplay of the world we inhabit with the present and future of medicine and healthcare.




“[This book] provides an unparalleled opportunity to bring one’s best self to the bedside and looks for the unexpected opportunities to impact the world.”

-Jesse Ehrenfeld, MD, MPH


“…a ready-made syllabus to embrace social, psychological, spiritual, and humanistic dimensions of medical education.”

-Louis N. Pangaro, MD, MACP


“…the art, as well as the science, of medicine are eloquently delivered, provoking the reader to reflect and see the world from new perspectives.”

-J. Larry Jameson, MD, PhD


“Incredibly timely.”

-Carol R. Bradford, MD, MS, FACS

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