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  • Caring All Around Me: Workbook
SKU: 9781645385646

Caring All Around Me: Workbook


Caring All Around Me: Coloring and Exercises for Healthy Relating

Written and illustrated by Tia Richardson


68 Pages

Children's Interactive Book

Mindfulness | Caring & Empathy | Self-Esteem | Mental Health

ISBN: 9781645385646




Come Along on a Journey!

Every thought we think and every dream we imagine

Brave enough to share

Goes out into the world on rays of light

Brave enough to care

Embark on your own magical journey into a garden filled with possibilities! Discover ways to feel better in times of stress, engage in self-acceptance, make healthy choices to work through challenges, and help make the world a better place. Open up a brighter world full of potential you can embrace! Parents, teachers and therapists will find helpful guides, exercises and coloring pages for helping young people learn about healthy relating.




Tia Richardson is an award-winning community mural artist based in her hometown of Milwaukee, WI. Writing and illustrating her own stories is something she always enjoyed doing as a child, with a dream of becoming an author one day. Collaborative art efforts have become her full-time way of creating stories by offering people a chance to express their feelings through mural projects. Since 2007 hundreds of community members from all walks of life have participated in those efforts, working together towards a common goal. Tia has worked with schools, non-profits, businesses and local government. She has produced several short films about her projects which can be seen with her other art at:

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