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  • Caring All Around Me
SKU: 9781645389507

Caring All Around Me



Caring All Around Me

Written and illustrated by Tia Richardson


Children's | Community | Belonging | Diversity | Emotional Wellness

PB ISBN: 9781645389507

HC ISBN: 9781645389514



One day a magical journey into a garden of possibilities opens up a brighter world for Mara. In her life she had found difficulty in relating. A whole new world is opened up to her full of potential she can embrace.




Tia Richardson is an award-winning community mural artist based in her hometown of Milwaukee, WI. Writing and illustrating her own stories is something she always enjoyed doing as a child, with a dream of becoming an author one day. Collaborative art efforts have become her full-time way of creating stories by offering people a chance to express their feelings through mural projects. Since 2007 hundreds of community members from all walks of life have participated in those efforts, working together towards a common goal. Tia has worked with schools, non-profits, businesses and local government. She has produced several short films about her projects which can be seen with her other art at:


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