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  • Captain Enamel
SKU: 9781645382645

Captain Enamel


Captain Enamel

Written and illustrated by Kevin Holly



Children's Picture Book

Ages 0-7

Health & Daily Living - Dental Hygiene - Superheroes

PB ISBN: 9781645382645

HC ISBN: 9781645381150




Superheroes have big muscles, cool costumes, and white smiles! But...who protects those smiles? CAPTAIN ENAMEL!


"Captain Enamel is a great introduction to the wonderful world of teeth for kids! It's a perfect blend of science, dentistry and superheroes that gets them excited about their teeth and their next dental visit." —Dr. Paul Renner, DDS


"The element of personal responsibility presented in a kid-friendly way to help Captain Enamel fight off "sugar bugs" will excite young readers to get brushing. An entertaining and educational read that is sure to appeal to both parents and children!" —Samantha Pipp, Elementary Teacher



As a dentist, oral health is very important to me, especially when it comes to our kids and the prevention of the most common disease in children: cavities. Cavities can be prevented with a healthy diet and good oral hygiene habits. But for kids, brushing and flossing can seem more like a chore than an exciting part of their day. For many, they are chores they’d rather avoid. That’s why I wrote Captain Enamel: to make dental care fun and exciting for kids! As a big superhero fan myself, I wanted to create my own hero that existed in the realm of oral health care and explained how a cavity is formed by villainous bacteria in a fun, kid-friendly way. However, the main message of Captain Enamel is that our kids are the most important superheroes for their teeth, and I think as parents we can play a more active role in encouraging a good diet and proper oral hygiene habits that help our kids understand the important role they have in protecting their teeth from sugar bugs. We have the ability to help them discover that inner superhero, so let’s get brushing!

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