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  • Capricorn: Book Ten in the ZODIAC DOZEN SERIES
SKU: 9781645384595

Capricorn: Book Ten in the ZODIAC DOZEN SERIES


Capricorn: Book Ten in the ZODIAC DOZEN SERIES

Written by Oliver Bestul


Middle Grade Fiction – Adventure – Astrological Mythology

ISBN 9781645384595




With her years of climbing experience, Cornelia is certainly no stranger to being stuck between a rock and a hard place. Usually, she prides herself on her ability to keep a level head in such situations - but when the magnitude of those obstacles is blown up out of proportion, that levelheadedness will be put to the ultimate test. This time around, the “rock” is Earth itself, and the “hard place” is Venus! Due to the evil efforts of Night, conquerer of the cosmos, it seems the two planets are doomed to soon crash!


What will the Dozen do during the little time they have left, as the gravity of the situation begins to sink in? Will they try to simply get their minds off of the planets’ collision, busying themselves with last-minute home renovations? Will those minds get lost completely in the foggy maze of the dangers of Venus? Or will they band together to take on their biggest threat yet, an entire planet?


However Cornelia and her friends decide to deal with the looming threat above them, it’s sure to be the kind of strange, amazing, unearthly experience they won’t soon forget!





Oliver Bestul lives in the Bay View neighborhood of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and has been writing there since he was in his teens.


With a picture book, a few plays, some poetry, and a feature-length film under his belt, he decided to try his hand at entertaining a new kind of audience: middle-schoolers! Inspired by the chapter books and comics of his youth, he sat down and started The Zodiac Dozen, a 12-book superhero series for kids!


In writing the series, he likes to say he gives his young readers a lot of credit, challenging them to explore new vocabulary, genres, and life outlooks. Like the twelve main characters of his books, he’s excited to grow from the adventure alongside his audience!


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