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  • Bunker the Pug: Creatures of the Couch
  • Bunker the Pug: Creatures of the Couch
  • Bunker the Pug: Creatures of the Couch
SKU: 9781645382683

Bunker the Pug: Creatures of the Couch

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Bunker the Pug: Creatures of the Couch

Written & illustrated by Austin Allyn


Children's Picture Book

28 pages

PB ISBN: 9781645382683

HC ISBN: 9781645382690



Bunker the Pug: Creatures of the Couch is a largely exaggerated telling of our actual family dog. In this story, as Bunker waits for his beloved daddy to return home from work, strange events begin to unfold. Before long, Bunker finds himself in an outlandish place surrounded by monsters! Both spooky and hilarious, Bunker the Pug shows that it’s okay to be scared, even if it’s ridiculous.



Born in the small town of Elkhorn, Wisconsin, Austin Allyn has always been weird. Even as a kid, he was always the storyteller, the worldbuilder, the leader of the imaginary quest. Being an author feels like what he was engineered to do. He’s always been drawn to the abnormal as well, things like R.L. Stine, Tim Burton, Courage the Cowardly Dog—everything that felt spooky had this magic. As he got older, Austin began watching every single horror flick his movie rentals had to offer. It was his second education, and he’s more than aware that it reflects in his work. Naturally, Austin’s favorite time of year is fall and all the festivities that come with it. He’s a huge Lord of the Rings fan, and a gamer ranging from Dungeons & Dragons to World of Warcraft. He has an unhealthy obsession with chicken strips and Mello Yello (sponsor him, please). Austin believes the Earth is not flat, he has a Maine Coon cat named Gandalf, and has a wife he truly does not deserve.



Bunker was born in the suburbs of Elkhorn, Wisconsin. He was adopted in the summer of 2010 and quickly became Dad’s favorite son. Joking aside, the two are best pals. Bunker enjoys fresh green beans from the garden, naps, and lots and lots of attention. Things that scare Bunker include: balloons, wrapping paper, trash bags, rabbits, puppies, cardboard tubes, cameras, bananas, water bottles, party buzzers, instruments, bark collars, and water more than a few inches.


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